Home Sweet Home

by Vanessa on August 13, 2011

After a long flight, we are finally home in Toronto.  Our mini-retirement complete.  Back to life and reality.  Only I’ve decided to create a new reality.  I’m re-inventing myself and my life…my family will have to come along for the ride.  I’m going to take more risk, try new things and start planning our next mini-retirement.

We will always have our memories from Marseillan.  In fact, I plan on printing out this entire blog via a print on demand service.  It will serve as my scrapbook from our time in France. It will be fun to look back on from time to time.  Something for the Angels to have.

I hope you have enjoyed following us on our journey this summer.  I hope you found humour in what I’ve written.  Maybe – just maybe – I may have even inspired a few of you to make changes.

I do hope you will keep in touch.  I am not finished with this blogging business. I am working on a new website and name. I think that along with my fitness classes, I may have found my new calling – BLOGGER.

Do you agree?  I welcome feedback.

One summer down and many more adventures to come. Onward and upward, I say.  We’re on to the next chapter of our lives.  Stay tuned….

A Bientot!

PS – You can now find me on my new blog site, SimplyVanessa.com. Come visit me there Monday.  I’m hoping to have the site officially launched by then.  I’ll look forward to seeing you!


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Farewell Marseillan

by Vanessa on August 12, 2011

Tomorrow we go home – sniff, sniff.  My blog is no longer a week behind schedule.  I’m real-time now.  I have to admit that I’m sad to say goodbye to Marseillan.  This village has been so good TO us – it has been so good FOR us.

I’m going to miss my morning ritual of buying fresh food daily.  I’m going to miss the boulanger I have grown to like so much.  She has been so good to my Angels giving them treats.  I loved walking by the fruit and veggie market everyday, smelling the wonderful fresh and local produce.  I’m going to miss the butcher, who always let me buy a cooked chicken, even when I didn’t order it in advance :)

I’m going to miss the lazy days we spent lying around, taking strolls through the village, meeting locals and speaking French.  I’m also going to miss the mix of people we have met here from all over Europe.  It’s been fun!

The endless parties – I thank you Marseillan for wonderful summer entertainment. I’m going to miss the cheap alcohol – my liver will thank me for the break!

I’m going to miss going to the beach, playing in the sea, and feeling the sand under my feet.  I will think of you often, Mich, when I think of “le plage” (and when I think of a lot of other things.)  It is at “le plage” that I let go of those awful nightmares.  I lost you, my aunt and one of my very best friends, but I now have gained some wonderful new memories that I will share with you, even if only in my dreams.  I’m not sure if I ever told you – you were one of my best friends.  I choose to believe you knew.  You had a gift, Mich.  You could make everyone and anyone feel special.  That is a real talent.  And, as a reminder to the rest of us – it’s so important to tell the people around you regularly that you love them.

I don’t think Chris and I have ever felt this relaxed in our life (aside from maybe when we were kids and Mom & Dad were footing the bills.)  This has been a life changing experience for us.  If there is anything that I have learned planning and taking this trip, it is that – ANYTHING is possible.

I encourage everyone to stop and evaluate their lives and their happiness.  Take a moment and ask yourself if you need to take a break – a breather.   Do you need to make a change, and try something new?  Are you saving and saving for your retirement?  (This is necessary, yes.)

But what about looking at things differently.

Why not take mini-retirements throughout your life and enjoy SOME of your savings while you are still young and have lots of energy?  These breaks don’t have to be as extravagant as the one we’ve just taken.  These mini-retirements can be local, in your home – whatever you fancy!  I can’t stress enough how great this break has been for us.

Ask yourself – what’s the worst thing that can happen by taking a break?  If you can’t come up with a good answer – then – take it!  And – if by chance you are interested in visiting the South of France – stop by the village of Marseillan.  You surely won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for a wonderful summer, Marseillan.  Your village is the best kept secret.

Merci Encore!

PS – Final Post for this blog tomorrow.  Check back!

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Bikes, Beaches & Battles

August 11, 2011

The countdown has begun…we only have a few days remaining in Marseillan.  We’ve decided to take things easy and hang around this wonderful village.  We rented some bikes with kids’ seats.  My god – a little daunting riding with Angel #2 on the back.  I’ve never done that before.  My abs are working overtime balancing […]

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Les Nuits Celtiques

August 10, 2011

Marseillan is such an incredible little village.  And, they sure know how to throw one hell of a party.  We just had 2 nights in a row of Celtic music down by the port.  The place was packed.  Tons of people turned up – not sure where everyone is coming from but this village is […]

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The Best of What’s To Come

August 9, 2011

Nine sleeps left and then it’s time to make the long trek back to Toronto.  Going home means getting back to reality…this I am not looking forward to.  I am, however, excited to get back to some sort of normalcy (whatever that is). I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed.  I have missed […]

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Chris Part Deux

August 8, 2011

I’ve decided to let Chris guest post again on the blog. (I guess his driving has been okay.)  Enjoy – I think he may have written a short novel below.  Here is He Said, She Said Part 2. Bien aller. (They say this a lot here in Marseillan.)         Well, our trip […]

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Fiesta Marseillan

August 7, 2011

We hung around the village all day today.  We took my parents on a really long walk (almost 5 km) to the lighthouse.  I was pointing out all my favourite houses to Mom.  She always says she’s be more than happy to live in our guest house (which by the way, doesn’t exist – yet […]

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Giant Omelette

August 6, 2011

All day Chris was trying to convince me that tonight’s party in the square down by the port was a Guinness Book of World Records party.  Turns out there is a company that goes around France making a massive omelette for crowds. Seriously – tonight was a GIANT OMELETTE party.  And by giant, I mean […]

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Fete de l’Huitres

August 5, 2011

I wanted to take my parents to the Jardin de Naris.  This was our second time dining at this restaurant.  This time I made sure to reserve a spot out on the back patio (aka jardin).  It’s all kinds of charming…only problem…people can smoke out there! This has been by far my favourite restaurant in […]

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Re-Discovering Marseillan

August 4, 2011

Bienvenue a Marseillan…with my parents in town, it’s like everything is new for us.  We are walking them around the village taking them through our daily routine.  We almost feel like we are starting our vacation over again.  It’s hard to believe we have only 2 weeks left.  Seriously people – where does the time […]

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